Connect and trade high-end sneakers in a secure way with other portfolios in our real-time Bid/Ask platform. ShareHood traces the product ownership and verifies its authenticity by using the sneakers’ unique identifier.

About Us

ShareHood was created to fill the gap that exists today in the online secondary retail industry by mixing fashion, auction system and blockchain technology.

ShareHood is a web-based, sneakers-specialized marketplace that grants sneaker heads the access to a wide selection of the most requested vintage models of shoes. all transactions will be done with a live bid/ask trading system and a blockchain system (smart contract).


Symbol: SOT
Name: ShareHood Of Things
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Standard: BEP- 20

SOT utility token can be later used for several premium packages such as discounts, staking reward programs and new partnerships as well as integrations and derivatives to boost the utility practise of the SOT Token.


  • Burn 49%
  • Presale 20%
  • Private Sale 15%
  • I+D Wallet 7%
  • Airdrop Contest 4%
  • Team Wallet 5% locked 6 months
  • Total Supply 1,000,000,000


ShareHood was founded by sneakers passionates and designed for sneakers passionates. It aims to create a network of people that share the same passion about the street and sport luxury market in a secure way.

We want to deliver value to our customers by giving priority to their passion. The devotion of ShareHood team towards the street and sport luxury culture is what connects us to our customer base. Sharing with our customers the same dedication about footwear helps us to continuously improve our service according to the evolving needs of our target market.


Road Map


Encrypted transactions and products
Bid/ask system
Smart contracts
Presale SOT
Giveaway sneakers
Pre-seed Round
Webpage available for customers’ usage.
Testing bugs and security
Team expansion
Footwear as a core.
Launch landing page
Crowfunding with startups
MVP (beta in production)


Launch webpage
Start collecting data
Measure KPI’s
Improvements in bugs & security.
Start campaigns for celebrities and football players partnerships.
Website traction
Start auctioning luxury products,
Periodly bring luxury auction
Close our crowfunding


Start testing new features (beta for V2)
New campany in Italy
Measure KPI’s
Increase in user base
Analytics and graphs view
Adding luxury products to the catalogue
NFT’s and more coming soon…

Are you ready to trade your high-end footwear products?

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